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Robot Housekeeper
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Let’s be honest. We never clean our home with a smile on the face.

Some of us may not mind it, but in general it is not a job that puts a spring in our steps.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a robot who does all the nasty mundane tasks so that we can focus on something more fun, fruitful and meaningful?


Well, Algoflame’s Robot Housekeeper is your perfect solution then.


An all-round domestic helper, this intriguing contraption is operated via a relay station or our mobile app.

Even when you are miles away from home, you can check the real-time condition of your apartment or house and delegate the Robot Housekeeper to carry out specific tasks.



The Robot Housekeeper features an environmental surveillance kit to be installed in your home.

It enables your robot helper to move around your home to purify air where necessary, so that comprehensive air purification can be achieved without the installation of multiple conventional air purifiers in different parts of the home.

It is also equipped with a sensor system that can monitor air quality, humidity and temperature.

When purifying air, the Robot Housekeeper can detect unclean areas and sweep the floor simultaneously.

When no one is at home, it can kill harmful bacteria using UVC light.

An extra humidity adjustment device can be added to the Robot Housekeeper to automatically monitor and adjust (increase or decrease) the indoor humidity level as you wish. Other additional devices that can be incorporated to the robot include mosquito repellant, aroma oil diffuser, security surveillance and fire alarm.